Hello, I am the art teacher in the high school. My greatest satisfaction is igniting students' passion for the arts. My classroom is a heaven of solitude from academic subjects. Students experience success and discover that nothing is impossible, if you try. The energy level is at "Peak Alert" when no one is talking, no one is moving around, and the music is playing a soft melody; students are totally right-braining it. Then the bell rings, and everyone is scrambling to get to the next class. This is ART. 

My favorite quote is by Albert Einstein - " Logic will get you to A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."  To me this speaks volume about the world of art.... without imagaination where we would be in every aspect of our lives?

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Class rules, guidelines, discipline policy

General rules:

  • No outer-wear or inappropriate clothes
  • No abusing of material
  • Be respectful


  • Be on your seat when the bell rings
  • When the instructor is talking, please stop what you are doing and LISTEN it will concern you!
  • Student will be excused by clean tables and not the bell
  • Follow student handbook regarding

Absences (credits may be withheld if excessive)

Tardiness (3 equal an hour of detention)

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated


  • Poor behavior will result in the following steps taken:
  • Step 1 - conference with & or verbal warning
  • Step 2 - A) Detention w/ teacher
  •             B) Parent will be notified
  • Step 3 - A) Removal from class
  •             B) Parents will be notified


Products will be graded as they are completed.  They are expected to be completed on time, due to various medias some projects will vary.  Students will be expected to finish projects within reasonable time frame.  Students' absents will have to be made up to keep up class.  Students can make up work before or after school.  

Students will be graded on projects, sketchbooks and tests.

Grading will be done on Skyward and it will be up to the student's responsonbility to check on their grades.



Office: 243
Work phone: 533-1620